Adorable video of twins sharing a cup of water will sure to tickle you funny bone


For those of us who have siblings, we know what it’s like to live with them. Sometimes they annoy you, you tend to quarrel with them. Sometimes, they can be the only person we can really count on.  

Being part of a family sometimes would require us to share. As the saying goes, “what mine is yours” and “sharing is caring”. However, for kids, sometimes sharing is not necessarily an easy thing to do especially if you really want that thing.

A video has gone viral showing two twin brothers sharing a drink. While one holds the cup, the other cries as he also wanted to have a drink.

Watch the adorable and funny video of twin brothers sharing a cup:

To share means you have to give up what you have even though you really like it

Sharing requires proper education and upbringing. It is important to develop a sense of selflessness and empathy from a young age. For these two boys, they have definitely been brought up well.

Even though sharing is not easy, over time, it will get its own reward and satisfaction

When one of them cries, the one who is holding the cup give it to the other. And the cycle repeats. It’s as though they were playing a game.

His brother gives him the cup and started crying, so he give the cup to his brother and then he started crying as well

No matter how annoying your siblings can be, we would still love them no matter what. So keep on sharing boys.


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