Amazing hologram fountain show dazzles audiences in China—you will surely be amazed


Do you believe in magic? Have you ever dreamed of something so beautiful and stunningly breath-taking that you wished it was real?

Well, somewhere in China there seem to be something magical happening. A video that spread wildly across the internet have sparked interest among netizens. China’s holographic technology is rapidly advancing and has truly turn magic into reality.

The video portrays a holographic light projected onto a fountain

Spectators were bedazzled by the holographic images depicting characters performing dances and fight scenes as well. The show was absolutely stunning as passers-by stop to watch the entire performance.

Watch the video and be amazed:


The show was performed during night time so the light effects can be visible

China’s advance technology has made it possible to turn magic into reality with just a simple technique using lights and water

If you happened to visit China on your vacation or trip, make sure to look out for these spectacular holographic show performance. Who knows, you might experience a little bit of magic.


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