Man decides to have a calm and peaceful ride on his canoe across a lake—suddenly he was ‘attacked’ by a school of jumping fish


Fishing is always a suitable past time if you are aiming for a calm and slow way of spending your time. However, there is a particular place where fishing can really be thrilling and exciting.

The art of fishing requires patience and concentration. Kids, with their hyperactive condition, would find fishing to be a very dull activity.

However, take your children to this lake for a fishing trip and they would never think that fishing is boring ever again. A man was calmly peddling his canoe. He would never suspected what may come through his way.

Here’s a video of when things turn from calm to chaos:

As he was peddling, a fish suddenly leaped out in front of him

The man kept on peddling. As he was getting nearer to the bay, more and more fish started jumping out of the water.

 Things started to get really exciting after that

The whole area where the man was peddling his canoe has been composed entirely of jumping fish. The number of fish were so many that some even landed inside his canoe and even on his lap.

Things have gotten from calm to exciting, and finally chaotic

If you think that fishing can calm your mind and build your patience, you might want to reconsider or perhaps, try another lake.


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