These skilled workers demonstrate what it means to be efficient—you would be impressed to see their performance


The service industry is a tough job which requires consistency, patience, and resilience. Only a few can handle the fast-paced environment and even then, not many will stay for the job.

Most of the time, the people working in the service industry are not given enough credit. They worked all they long and sometimes were required to take extra shifts just to make end meet. They not only have to deal with a variety of customers, but they also have to clean up afterwards and woke up early the next morning to open up again.

Which is why these workers need to add in a little fun and creativity into their work

It is said that workers who were given more liberty to do their jobs can work better than those who were strictly controlled. We can see that when given some freedom, the workers managed to make their job more enjoyable and fun thus, performed more efficiently..

Here’s a clip compiling all the amazing tricks these workers can perform:


Fun and enjoyable workers outperform dull and tedious ones

However, it is not enough to just enjoy and having fun. To achieve a certain level of high-class service, the worker needs to put in the effort. He/she must continuously practice doing the same thing with resilience. The worker should also learn from experience as that will help him/her develop new skills. Of course, this would be easy if provided proper guidance and a supportive environment.

Efficiency comes from constant practice and years of experience

It does not matter what you do or where you work, as long as you enjoy what you are doing, you can perform excellently and your skills will continue to grow.


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