A Finnish-Syrian ‘toy smuggler’ is risking his life to give the children in Aleppo’s war zones a piece of their childhood back


The Syrian civil war which has been ongoing for almost five years and it has taken the lives of  more than 350,000 people. The conflict has also displaced some 12 million because of the battles between various factions. There is really nothing to look forward to in this war-torn areas as people live in fear for their lives.

One man is trying his best and putting his life on the line in order to bring the children in these affected areas some sense of their childhood back. He brings them toys and gifts as well as essentials such as food and medicine.

Rami Adham is known to many Syrians as the ‘toy smuggler’ A 44-year-old named Rami Adham has traveled to his former homeland more than two dozen times since the war erupted. He risks his life and slips across the border while dodging snipers and bombs. He also carry bags of rations and toys on his back while traversing for miles into the war zones.

The father of six tells NBC News “I was very saddened by what was going on.” Adham continues saying “As a Syrian, I wanted to do my part in helping people … so I decided to go there personally.”

He has made it his life’s mission to help those in need, specifically in his former home of Aleppo. Although Adham has lived in Finland since 1989, he is devoted to trying to help the country he originated from in any way he can. He brings over 80 kilograms of donated toys across the border every time he visits the battle torn country.

He said the first time he entered the refugee camp with his cargo, he noted that the children were unimpressed by food and money. He said “their eyes widened and started smiling,” the moment they saw the toys he brought with him.

Adham told the Telegraph,  “Right now, Syrian kids are just facing death and insecurity and constant threats. Toys are important.” He also said “Kids there have lost their childhood, and not for a year: This is the sixth year now and it seems like everybody had forgotten them.”

He has been on over 2 dozen trips across the Turkish-Syrian border to get to the refugee camps situated in the war-torn countryHe recently launched a Go Fund Me fundraising campaign in order to encourage people to donate money. These funds would be used to build schools in Syria close to the Turkish border.

It is so far the safest place in the country as it is further away from the Syrian and Russian airstrikes in the remaining rebel-held areas of the country. A month after he started the campaign, Adham raised over 30,000. He wrote on the page “I have obtained the title of the Toy smuggler of Aleppo after all borders of Syria have been closed officially for the past 2 years. Since I can’t stop this work, I had no other way of going home but through special routes.”

He continued saying “Toys were all I had on me in addition to the money I managed to collect and raise from Finland to help buy necessities, food, medicine etc. So I pledge to all of you humans out there, all around the world, help me help the ones who desperately need help.”

His efforts have given rise to hope amongst the children in refugee camps 

He has started the basic foundations for a high school in a refugee camp close to the Turkish border. His hometown of Aleppo is currently the center of the intense battle involving airstrikes and bombs from the differing factions. The army then had begun ramped-up efforts in trying to regain the city from rebels.

Nato said the attacks were backed by Russia are in “blatant violation of international law” as the death count had touched 400 and still rising.


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