Adorable videos of dads and their kids—have you experienced any of these during your childhood or with your children?


In traditional values, the father is always seen as the leader and role model of the family. The role of the father is extremely important as he is the one who would usually provide for the family.

However, nowadays society has changed. Both mother and father are now working to sustain the family and provide for their children. In these challenging times, it is important that the workload should be distributed equally among the parents. It is not only the mother who should spend time with the children, but the father needs to engage as well.

Watch a compilation of these dads on how they engage with their children:


A father’s involvement in a child’s life would affect the outcome of his/her development

A lot of research has shown that children are more successful when their father is involved in their upbringing. A father’s participation in the child’s life will improve his/her social and emotional development.

In the child’s eye, the father is also someone who is seen as wise and has all the answers to everything. Thus, this will improve the child’s intellectual capacity.

A father’s engagement with his child can also improve his/her natural self-esteem  

A child is heavily dependent on adults for guidance and advise. Of course who would give better advise than their own parents. For example, children on their first day at school would want to know how to socialize such as making friends or handle bullies. Thus, it is the fathers responsibility to give these advises to build their motivation and confidence.

If the parents are absent, the child would eventually turn to their friends and this would have either a positive or negative impact. If they have a good influence, than there is not much to worry however, if their friends provide a negative influence, than that will be the beginning of social problems in our society.

Children will only look up to their parents if their parents are involved in their life  



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