Baby attempts to come down from bed—his method will make you feel impressed


For parents, it is always a challenge to leave their child or baby alone at home. Many thoughts came to mind about regarding their safety and this would cause worries for the parents.

Thus, it is not a surprised when parents can be too overprotective of their kids. When this happens, the parents will adopt the ‘helicopter parenting’ style of raising their children. It means that the parents are too focused on their children’s well-being.

As a result, the children would grow up spending their whole lives being pampered by their parents. They would lack the necessary skills to survive in the real world as they have never had the opportunity to learn and gain experiences.

Watch this video of a baby attempting to come down from his bed as an example how kids have the potential to survive when given the chance:


It is good to always stay alert on your child but too much protection would jeopardize the child’s development 

Kids learn by doing and experiencing. They need to experience some injury as it is a part of life. Just as a mother bird who would push their young from the branch to teach them how to fly, parents should also let their children learn by exposing them to the challenges in life so they can acquire the necessary skills to overcome them later.

Children are smart enough to find a way to solve problems and face obstacles

Furthermore, children are more resourceful than what most parents would think. They are able to think of ways to overcome challenges and obstacles and to achieve their goals. Thus, to be overprotective of your child means to underestimate his/her capabilities.

In order to survive, sometimes you would need to take risks

Loving your child does not necessarily mean to be overprotective and shower him/her with materialistic things. This will only create a generation of youth that is weak and egocentric. Sometimes a little pain and failure are what make you strong.


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