Mechanic was fixing an exhaust pipe—receives an unexpected facial makeup in a split second


Being a mechanic is never an easy job. For them, getting their hands dirty is part of an everyday routine. 

Mechanics work hard every day fixing cars just to earn enough money survive. We should never look down on them and should be thankful for their efforts in fixing our cars. Sometimes we need people who are willing to do the dirty work for us. In return, we should learn to appreciate them more.

However, one mechanic in a viral video has brought laughter to our hearts with his little incident

The mechanic was fixing an exhaust pipe when suddenly, black smoke started to came out from it. the smoke caught the mechanic off guard and he was not prepared for it. It came quite a shock especially when the smoke hit directly towards his face. It was somewhat hilarious.

Watch the video and see the outcome:


You could see the smoke completely engulfed the mechanic

There could be someone sitting on the front that triggered the exhaust pipe. Whether its a prank or a miscommunication, no one knows. However, the mechanic was completely safe from harm and he even got a facial makeup with it.



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