This 1-minute spoon test can help reveal your hidden health concerns


Busy schedules and overrun clinics are often some of the off-putting reasons why most people do not have regular checkups. In addition, a regular check-up can be quite costly especially if you go to a private clinic or hospital. However, there is now a simple health test that you can do from the comfort of your own home and it only takes a minute and a spoon!

This one-minute health test is known as spoon test is one of the alternative health checkup that you can do to help check for certain health conditions.

According to Dr, Joelene, the spoon test is used to screen for your breath condition. While most cases of bad breath involved gum disease or tooth decay, more ominous smells could mean for more serious health problems such as diabetes and kidney problem.

This test should be done on an empty stomach. Avoid drinking water before you do the test.

Bad Breath Test

  1. Take a spoon and rub its base over the entire surface of your tongue

2. Make it wet with your saliva

3. Then, put the spoon into a resealable plastic bag

4. Put the bag under a bright light like a table lamp for one minute

5. After one minute, check the spoon and smell it

A clear residue that smells like saliva indicates that you are healthy. However, if there is any coloured blotches or unpleasant smells, it could be a warning sign of a health condition

  • Putrid or sharp odour: Stomach or lung problems
  • Ammonia smell: Kidney problems
  • Sweet odour: Diabetes
  • White or yellow blotches: Thyroid operations are disrupted
  • White blotches: Respiratory infection
  • Orange blotches: Kidney problems
  • Purple blotches: Poor blood circulation, bronchitis, and/or increased cholesterol level

However, we would like to remind you that this spoon test may or may not give an accurate result about your health and it does not act as a replacement for a health checkup with your doctor.

Sources: CBC


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