Irish grandmother relives her childhood—you will sure to find her adorable


We all have experienced some form of shenanigans during our childhood. We would recall the fun activities that we have with our friends.

However, as we get older, we were taught to be more matured and to behave more properly. We start to forget all the fun things that we used to do. When we reach our golden age, only then we will start to miss the things that we do when we were young.

This Irish grandmother would not let age stop her from reliving her childhood

Watch the adorable video of the grandmother performing the prank:

A video of an Irish grandmother has gone viral across the internet because of her actions. She managed to pull a prank that she used to play during her childhood time. Olive Smyth, 81, recalled that she used to knock on the door of stranger’s house and run away.

Age is just a number, your heart is the true indicator of how old you are

Her son, Mark recorded the prank while his sister joined in the fun with Olive



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