A cat watches a fight between a dog and another cat—what happens next is unexpected


Sometimes help comes from unlikely allies. You could be minding your own business when something bad suddenly happens. At that time, having someone to back you up may be a good thing no matter who they are.

This was exactly the case with a friendly dog in a video that has gone viral. The video showed the dog is just wandering around when he spotted a cat on a ledge. Another cat was seen sitting on a table looking at the dog.

The dog just wants to make friends

The dog, while walking around, noticed the cat sitting on the ledge. He just wanted to greet the cat by sniffing his butt. The cat turns and hisses at him. Giving more than just a warning, the cat unleashed its claws and starts attacking the dog.

Watch what happens when the dog runs away:


The cat on the table on the other hand calmly observes the scene



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