A Golden Retriever suddenly jumps into the lake—you won’t believe what he caught


Animals act primarily according to their basic instincts. For some of us, we may not understand what it is that made our furry friends to behave in a certain way.

Dogs are equipped with incredible sense of sight and smell. They can detect objects and other living creatures from far away. An incredible video showed a moment when a Golden Retriever dives into a water to rescue a drowning fawn.

Meet Storm, the Golden Retriever hero

Watch and share this amazing rescue story with your friends below:


Mark Freeley was walking his two dogs, Storm and Sara, near Long Island Sound in New York, USA. Suddenly, Storm, the Golden Retriever jumped into the water, swam and grabbed something by the neck, and then dragged it to shore.

Mark captured the incredible moment on video and posted them on Facebook saying: “Storm just saved this baby deer.”

It turned out to be a fawn who was drowning

As seen in the video, Storm brought it to the shore and began to lick and caress the baby deer with his snout, occasionally pushing it with his paw. His actions seems like he is trying to wake the poor animal up. Freeley called animal rescue shortly after that. The fawn was taken under the care of the Strong Island Animal Rescue League.

Storm is staying beside the scared fawn while feeling concerned that he is hurt in some way

Storm is truly an incredible dog with some great rescue instincts. Thanks to him, a life is saved that day. Good job Storm!



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