Beautiful balancing rock structure—this man has taken art to the next level


Rocks are just natural object which can be found almost anywhere on earth. We don’t usually see them as a tool for making art.

However, a Swedish nature lover known as Pontus Jansson has introduced us to the art of rock balancing. He is able to create beautiful and impressive structures by balancing rocks.

His Instagram is full of images and videos of his art

For some people rock balancing, or stacking, can be seen as something therapeutic and calming. It’s a great way to train yourself to stay focus, calm, and patient. If not, all the rocks will collapse and you have to start over.

Here is a video of Pontus building a rock arch and balancing a rock tower:

Rock balancing requires focus and a composed nature

The activity has become quite famous. In Texas, there is an annual world championship of rock stacking. It has become a popular hobby for some. Many categories for the competition can be found like building a tower or making an arch.

Those who acquired the skill takes a lot of practice and patience to master the art



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