A toddler and his pet dog had to work together in order to complete the monumental task of opening the refrigerator door


Some things in life seem impossible to accomplish on one’s own. That is why we need the help of others and through cooperation, we can achieve outstanding results. For this toddler however, everything is a monumental task but at least he has an accomplice to help him in his efforts.

The dog is being extremely patient and it does not move a muscle

Watch the video below to see the strength that lies in cooperation!

First mission of opening the refrigerator door: Accomplished!

The mischievous toddler was not done yet though because after getting the door open, he still needed his accomplice to reach the bottom shelf. He climbed on the poor dog again to see what he could scour from the fridge. It was at this point that the pup had had enough and simply walked away, leaving his small master hanging onto the fridge for dear life.

“Hmm, what looks good?”



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