Adorable Chihuahua fearlessly takes on a Great Dane. What happens next is incredibly cute


Everyone knows small dogs like chihuahua and pomeranian can get really energetic and like to bark in a shrill way. On the other hand, Great Danes always behave in a calm and gentle way, a polar opposite to Chihuahua. Considering their differences in antics and sizes, can a chihuahua puppy befriend a large Great Dane?

Surprisingly, they can!

In this adorable video, 12-week-old chihuahua Lilly runs into Vago, a large Great Dane at a park. Lilly, being her usual self instantly becomes excited when she sees a new friend and jumps towards Vago to show how excited she is at seeing him.

Watch their first meeting here and see for yourself how adorable Vago and Lilly are and do not miss Lilly’s cute barrel roll!

Lucky for Little Lilly, Vago is an incredibly gentle and friendly dog. Although he looks quite surprised when Lilly launches an energetic jump on him, Vago remains calm and the two quickly become friends!

Vago is such a cute and friendly dog while Lilly is one feisty and energetic little puppy! How can they get cuter than this?


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