These rare Gothic chickens are completely black—from their heads, feathers, claws to meat and bone but EXCEPT one part


Meet the Lamborghini of chickens, Ayam Cemani chicken which is an extremely rare breed of chickens. This chicken which can only be found in Indonesia is completely black; from the feathers, down to its meat and bone! 

Ayam literally translates into “chicken” in Indonesian while Cemani means “completely black” in Javanese.

Watch the video of this rare breed here and see for yourself on how black it is!

This gothic bird is completely black from its head to its claws. It has a black beak and a black tongue, black plumage with a greenish shine, black legs, claws, and even black comb and wattles

Ever wonder how its meat looks like? Ayam Cemani’s meat is also black as well as its bones and organs

This unique condition is due to a genetic condition called fibromelanosis. Fibromelanosis is a mutation which causes hyperpigmentation in domestic chickens

According to local people, Ayam Cemani is believed to possess mystical power because of its black meat. Hence, this is why this black breed of chicken is usually traditionally eaten in various rituals and on special occasions

As this breed is exotic and can rarely be found outside Indonesia, a one-day-old of Ayam Cemani chick can reach up to $200. The price is said to rise even higher, up to thousands of dollars on the black market


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