Dad’s lecture about dropped pancakes to little baby became a cute argument


Dad and his little baby are having breakfast together and they are eating pancakes made by mom.

Halfway through eating, the little baby drops some pancakes on the floor and her dad decides to give her some lecture!

Her dad says, in Russian, “You dropped all the pancakes on the floor!” then the baby simply throws up her hands, shakes her head and apparently denying the allegation! (in baby language of course)

Dad feels frustrated with her little defense there, so he continues his lecture trying to tell her the seriousness of dropping the pancakes on the floor!

(In baby language) Whoa, hold on Dad, It’s not my fault okay?? I am just a little baby, how am I going to stop the pancakes from dropping on the floor?

As the debate getting more intense, her mom who is shooting the debate enjoys the moments so much and it makes her laugh out loud!

Well, at the end, you just have to let this little cute baby win. Agree? The dropped pancakes is non of her business okay! Thanks for watching.


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