Russian girl fails to mount her horse and almost gives up—then the horse suddenly helps her with gentle gesture


In general, horse riding requires necessary gear and professional riding attire.

However, this pretty Russian girl wants to break this tradition and tries to ride the horse without a saddle and riding attire.

She attempts some Kung Fu moves to jump on the horse, but fails miserably after many attempts.

She never gives up and keeps trying again and again…

She tries one, two, three, four times…still there is no luck…

Her horse seems to know that she’s trying to ride so suddenly he does something unexpected.

The horse suddenly fells on the ground and scratches his back with soils, and he keeps low so the girl can jump on her.

She is stunned to see that and immediately jumps on the horse.

The horse stands up immediately and rushes away. This rare scene is absolutely amazing!

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