Little girl sees her shadow and immediately runs away—her reaction is adorable and will sure to make you laugh


Children by nature are full of innocence and curiosity. The entire world is a playground for them to explore and experience new things about life.

Because they are still learning, anything that is seemed ‘new’ to them would trigger their curiosity right away. Take for example this little girl. Michael Jacobs posted on his Facebook recording his little girl’s reaction towards her shadow. This is probably the first time her daughter encountered her own shadow and she was quite surprised when she noticed it.

It was supposed to be a normal day when suddenly she noticed a dark figure following her

The little girl was frightened that her shadow kept on following her no matter where she go. She wanted to run away from it but it stuck with her.

Watch the video below:


She kept on running thinking she had managed to escape 

Finally she stopped and thought that she had lost the shadow. But when turn around and face her front, there it was! her shadow is still never separated from her.

It frightened her so bad that she stumbled down and cried

It truly is adorable seeing how a child reacted towards every day things that happened around us. As much as this video is entertaining. There is a lot of lesson that can be learned by observing the reaction of this small innocent girl.



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