Sweet old couple playing on a swing—they will sure to melt your heart


They say that true love last an entire lifetime. No matter how old you will get, as long as you are with that person whom you truly love, than that is all that matters.

Every one of us must have had or is having an experience being in love. It is normal for someone to be attracted to a person. The first time you look at him/her, you can feel that he/she is the right for you.


However, the real test of true love how long can you maintain your relationship with that person and be happy

During your relationship, you will be tested with trials and challenges. Your partner will sometimes annoy you or make you angry. You will fight and quarrel. When that happens, you will have to decide whether you want to win or you want to maintain your relationship.

Watch the video here:


It is one thing to grow old together, it is another to grow old and be happy with the person you love


The ideal and romanticized love story we usually see in movies can sometimes mislead us from showing what truly love really is.

True love is not just enjoying the good times together. But it is also about facing the hard times together

The video of an old couple playing on the swing represents what true love is all about. It is not about enjoying nice and expensive things. It is about being together and enjoy every moment with each other even if it is something simple like playing on a swing set.



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