A guy with no palms creates beautiful models using clay—you won’t believe how he does it


Sometimes we tend to take things that we have for granted. Only when that thing is lost we start to regret and become more thankful.

Looking at people with disabilities, most of us would feel sorry for that person and wonder how he can live and survive in the world.

The only disability is when you start to think you are disabled

Take for example the man in this video. He lost both the palms on his hands. He cannot hold things like most of us can. However, he still managed to create beautiful sculptures and dolls using his arms.

Watch how he made a ‘Hello Kitty’ doll using just his arms:

When you look at life in a positive manner, you can overcome anything

The man makes a living by selling his clay dolls that he makes himself

It just goes to show that even when you are at a disadvantage, you can still overcome it if you believe in yourself.


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