Amazing food art that is so simple anyone can make it—why not try it yourself


Have you ever watched a food competition show? Do you noticed that when it comes to food, the judges do not only commented on the taste, but also the presentation of the food?

Although the value of food is mostly judged on the taste and flavor, the thing that will make a person taste your food in the first place is how the food looks and is presented. In this case, the presentation is just as important as the taste.

Because who would want to try a food that looks unappetizing?

Psychologically, we tend to get attracted to beautiful things. So that’s why most of us would prejudge anything based on the outward appearance first. Thus, first impressions are important as well. The same goes for food.

Watch the clip and see how a simple dough is decorated to form something beautiful. You can try it for yourself as well:


Food art has a purpose to make the food more attractive and presentable

The value of the food is increased when they are decorated in a way that makes them look attractive



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