This ‘Silat’ girl managed to smash layers of roof tiles with just three kicks!


Marital arts is a form of cultural practice where it is used mainly for self-defense. Not only that, it is also a great way to maintain our health.

One example of martial arts is known as ‘Silat’ which is quite famous in Southeast Asia particularly in Malaysia and Indonesia. It not only focuses on the physical aspect, but also on mental and spirituality as well.

Nowadays, Silat is slowly being taught and spread all around the world 

Each martial arts has their own specialty and technique. This video of a girl from Indonesia demonstrated her skill using a technique she learned from Silat.

Watch how this girl performed a demonstration using the technique she has learned:

Three layers of roof tiles were attached to the trunk of a coconut tree

Learning martial arts, it is normal to experience some form of injury. The same goes for this girl. She mentioned that she has failed quite a few times and suffer bruises and injuries during her training.

The key to master any martial arts is the ability to persevere through the pain

Once you know that the pain is only in the mind, you would be able to overcome any obstacle in your path.


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