This lollipop in Singapore is worth SG$ 50 (US$ 38)—watch the video to find out why


Everything comes with a price. We usually associate expensive things in relation to its quality or service. The better the quality, the more expensive it is.

The same goes to this lollipop that is sold in Singapore for SG$ 50 (US$ 38) a piece. A tourist found this man selling the lollipop with a high price, so he decided to buy one out of curiosity.

What is so special about this lollipop for being so expensive?

Once he bought a piece, the tourist thought that he could eat it, but the seller took away the lollipop from him and put it in his mouth.

Watch what happened to the lollipop when the seller finished chewing almost half of it:

What is happening here?

The tourist watched as the man chewed the candy in his mouth-he was shocked


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