2 years old little boy playing drum like a pro—you might want to get ready a headphone


At three years old, most toddlers like to spend their days playing with their friends. However, this three-year-old boy is not like any other typical toddler; he is a child prodigy and here is the proof.

Meet Howard Wong who has taken the internet by storm with his incredible talent playing drums. While most toddlers around his age are busy playing hide-and-seek at their nursery, this child prodigy has astonished the internet with his amazing percussion skills.

Howard was just 18 months old when he first displayed his talent by playing drums to ‘Old MacDonald Had A Farm’.

Watch Howard’s exceptional drumming skills here

Now, he is already a member of his father’s rock band and impresses the audience with his drumming skills

One of his performances has already been viewed over 23 million times on Youtube. Even though he barely reaches the top of his drum set, the boy has amassed a large base of fans

Everyone agrees that Howard has an impeccable talent in music! When his performance comes to an end, he adds one final hit on the cymbal and a cute smile on his face

More videos of Howard’s exceptional drumming skills:

Three year old Howard performing with his father at a carnival:

Today, Howard is already 9 years old and he is still awesome. Please see his recent performance below:

10 year old Howard showing off his skill




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