This toddler can draw a crowd and rival many novice street performers with their joyful music


It cannot be denied that parents want only the best for their children and therefore many of them plan out what skills they would like their children to learn that will be useful to them when they are older.

Some parents enroll their children in language classes while others choose to put their kids in cram schools to help them with their school curriculum.

Some parents believe that art will be good for their children to learn as it may help them express themselves later on in life. This is the reason a good number of parents enroll their children in music classes from a very young age.

Let’s watch the little musician in action: 

As early as 1993, the idea of a comprehensive appreciation for the arts which originated from Europe, spread to the east. The goal was to put children through classes that will build their artistic capabilities so they grow up to be holistic individuals.

Columbia University’s Dr. Rothschild carried out multiple psychological tests on children who could and could not play some sort of musical instrument. It was found that the group of children who learned an instrument were 46% more intelligent overall.

Parents should consider sending their children for music classes because not only will they have an added skill in the future but it has the capability of increasing their IQ. Just look at how astounding these kids are in playing their instruments:


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