9 clever and easy tricks you can do with just a can of Coca-cola


Coca-cola is one of the biggest-selling and most popular soft drink in the world as well as one of the most recognisable brands in history. While it often makes a regular presence at restaurants and drinks section at convenience stores, Coca-cola can also do more than just quenching your thirst.

Here are some useful and easy tricks that you can perform with just a can of Coca-cola!

#1 Flavoured Coca-cola cake

Mix a can of Coca-cola into cake mixture and bake it.

#2 Stain remover

Place the stained object in Coca-cola and wait for a few minutes. Then take the object out and wipe the excess of Coca-cola with a clean cloth.

Watch the video of how useful coca-cola is:

#3 Insect slayer

Apparently, all insects do love this sweet and fizzy drink but they do not know that it can destroy them! Spray the drink on ant hills or cockroaches in your cupboard and get rid of them easily.

#4 Remove limescale from an electric kettle

Pour Coca-cola into the electric kettle and boil it.

#5 Clean tile floors

Coca-cola onto the tiles and let it sit. Then, wipe the floor with a cloth.

#6 Dirty window

Spray some Coca-cola onto the window and wipe it off.

#7 Stain on clothes

Soak the clothes in Coca-cola and let it sit until the stain is gone. Wash the clothes with warm water

#8 Gum remover

You do not have to cut your hair when you get a gum stuck on it. Just pour some Coca-cola on the gum and let it sit for a few minutes. You will find it easier to scrape the gum off your hair

#9 Stained toilet bowl

Pour some Coca-cola around the bowl and let it sit for an hour. Scrub the bowl with a brush and flush it for a sparkling toilet


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