Cheeky grandma shows off her impressive magic trick to hubby—the result is amazing


There is often a misconception that the elderly become more serious as they age but this is clearly a dramatic generalization. 

There are definitely old people who are still young at heart and this cheeky grandmother proves it!

In the video, Marietta Spencer Tyks, a grandmother from South Bend, Indiana is standing in front of her kitchen counter. On the counter, there is open water bottle, a coin and a towel.

Watch the full video here and see for yourself what Marietta has in store to prank her unsuspecting husband!

Marietta tells her husband, Tommy who is also in the kitchen that she will perform a magic trick. She then places the water bottle over the coin and covers the bottle with the towel

She also explains every detail of the trick to her husband who is listening attentively to her words. After a few heartfelt ‘oogity-boogity’, Marietta removes the towel and checks inside of the bottle.

“If you look down in there, the penny’s inside the bottle,” she says confidently.

Her husband then went on to check her magic trick and that is when the fun happens!


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