Creative Filipino dad makes fairy tale dresses for his daughter that can transform from one style to another style in just a twirl!


Meet ‘Designer Daddy’ who makes dresses from the fairy tale that can transform from one style to another different style in just one twirl.

Filipino designer Nephi Garcia began his fairy tale journey in 2014 when he took his daughter to Disneyland while dressed as a Fairy Godmother.

What was just a simple dress-up play that Garcia had with his daughter soon turned into a phenomenon around the world with hundreds of people lining up to buy his dresses

Watch the video below to find out more about his dress-making journey

With just a twirl, this girl’s dress transforms into a new one! Now, this is finally a real dress from the fairy tale

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Gorgeous and colourful dresses are one thing but a dress that transforms into another dress by just twirling is definitely special

These magical dresses have price tags ranging from $299 to $399, depending on the design.

Garcia also makes dresses and costumes for parents. Here are some of his works that are perfect for a small family of five


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