Hilarious moment hungry puppies mistaken their dad as their mother


For the first few weeks in their lives, puppies only rely on their incredible sense of smell to sniff out their mother, siblings and obviously, milk.

However, these puppies seem to have mixed the smell of their mother with their father!

This is Remo, a boxer from Shady Valley Kennels of Portsmouth, Ohio. He is a proud father of eight adorable puppies but when the mother is out and he has to take care of his puppies, he does not expect this to happen!

Watch the feeding frenzy in the video below

In the video, the puppies are obviously hungry so when they see Remo, there is only one thing in their minds—milk!

Poor Remo has to spend a full two minutes in a complete state of panic when the puppies attack him in an attempt to search for his non-existent milk

You can see him leaping, springing and boinging in the video as he tried to escape from the hungry puppies

At the end of the video, Remo can be seen giving up on his effort to run away as he finally let the puppies surround him


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