Amazing moments a grandma joins a street beatboxer and performs an incredible dance routine


It is never too late to start doing something and you are never too old to do it as this grandma did when she came across a beatboxer who was performing on the street.

An amazing footage has surfaced online which shows an elderly lady dancing in front of a beatboxer who was busking on the street.

In the video, Ammar Dafri of Power Beat is performing a beatbox for the crowd in Brussel when he gets a pleasant surprise from a white-haired grandma who then comes forward and begins to bust a dance routine in front of him and the audience

She even drops to her knees and ‘pop locks’ while keeping her dog on the leash


After the beatbox performance ends, the grandma calmly walks away to a round of applause from the large crowd

“I was really moved by this woman and I played the harmonica for her. That’s what art can do,” Dafri later wrote online


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