This man climbed up rock for a suicide attempt but what awaited him at the top was not death


Jyothi Raj has never thought that he would make a living out of rock climbing when he was young. In fact, his career actually started off as a suicide attempt.

Raj ran away from home in Theni when he was a child and soon, he ended up in the custody of an elderly man who abused him. Depressed and disappointed with his life, he attempted suicide.

He was never scared of heights and so, he wanted to plunge to death

In his suicide attempt, Raj climbed up a rock after observing the monkeys climbing up rocks

However, death was not what awaited him at the top of the rock. Instead, a group of tourists had gathered beneath to watch him as they assumed that Raj was pulling off a stunt

The cheer, applause, and excited faces of the tourists had given Raj a second shot at life.

He who was once lost hope and decided to jump to death found his new passion in life that motivates him to live to the fullest

While there may be hundreds of other top rock climbers around the world, Raj is particularly unique for his willingness to perform scary stunt without protective gear.

His stunt is so daring that many professional climbers do not dare to do the same!

Watch how incredible Raj is at rock-climbing without using any aids here

Jyothi raj (khothi raj)

Posted by Manju Rathna on Tuesday, February 27, 2018


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