This talented UCLA gymnast achieves perfect score for her epic Michael Jackson’s floor routine


Thousands are obsessed with this gymnast’s incredible routine and here is why.

UCLA gymnast Katelyn Ohashi knew that she was determined to win and to shine when she participated in the 2018 Pac 12 Championships and she did it well.

Just before she begins her routine, the announcers announced that she has achieved several perfect scores of 10 but she would need to achieve a 9.6 or higher if she wanted to win in the competition.

As soon as the music is played, Katelyn begins to tumble, twirl and flip on the mat as the audience cheer on her:

The gifted gymnast performs her routine to a mix of Michael Jackson’s hit songs

She also performs moonwalks which have driven the audience wild for her flawless moves

Since the video of her performing was posted on Facebook, the video has been watched over 52 million times!

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Katelyn Ohashi scored the fifth perfect 10 for UCLA with her smashing floor exercise routine to Michael Jackson’s hits

Watch Katelyn’s winning routine here


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