These Syrian men heard faint cries coming from beneath the ruble in Aleppo—they were shocked at what they found


Syria has been plagued by war for many years and is the center of some of the fiercest fighting between the government and rebel forces. The ruthless civil war has also caused multitudes of people to lose their lives, homes and property. The citizens lived in constant fear of bombings and air strikes.

There have been numerous reports of innocent citizens getting killed and injured during the turmoil

It is in times of crisis like this where we can see humans looking out for each other and this inspires hope as well as displays great strength 

A group of activists heard cries coming from underneath a pile of ruble while they were scouting for survivors

They frantically started digging with their bare hands so they could locate the child without injuring her 

They finally discovered the little girl ,Gina, who took a while to respond to what was going on 

Watch their valiant efforts to save the toddler below: 


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