Man recorded bats hanging on the ceiling—he discovered that the bats could dance


Unlike other mammals, bats are not what most people think of when they want to picture adorable animals.

With folktales that feature bats changing into blood-sucking vampires at night, this species might be one of the few animals that are heavily misunderstood as evils which only feed on blood.

The truth is, only 3 out of 1,000 bats only live on blood and it is usually that of cattle. Most bats eat insects and some even love fruits!

If you are still not convinced enough that this big-eyed mammal is not as wicked as you think they are, why not check out these bat brothers dancing in this adorable clip

This video was actually recorded upside down but it seems like these animals were after all actually having a blast party when all we thought that they were just casually hanging.

Just look at how these bats putting up their hands in the air like they just don’t care!

Watch these cute bat brothers dance to adorable groove here


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