This little girl got a pink prosthetic leg and the reactions from other kids are totally priceless


This heartwarming footage of a seven-year-old girl showing off her new prosthetic leg to her fellow schoolmates is definitely worth to watch for.

Anu from Birmingham, England shows up in her school with a brand new prosthetic leg and her friends are so excited to see her back at the school.

Not only is the prosthetic leg will help her play sports, it is also in her favourite colour—pink.

In the viral video, Anu’s schoolmates quickly gather around her and give her a big hug

One girl is heard saying: “Is that your new pink leg?”

Anu has actually grown up with a prosthetic leg. When she was born, the umbilical cord had wrapped her right leg tightly that it cut off blood circulation. Her right leg had to be amputated later on.

Nevertheless, Anu remains positive and cheerful and now with her new pink leg, it seems that everything will get better and easier for her!

Watch the heartwarming video of Anu and her friends here


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