Fluffy dog stuck on the curb and ‘waving its hands’—Please help me!!!


Everyone must have seen many short-legged dogs on the Internet!

Every time I see them walking with short legs, I find them super adorable and wish I can own such cute dogs.

Recently, there was a short-legged cute doggy video on the Internet that caused discussions among netizens — they are completed mesmerized after watching it!

Cute little fluffy dog WangWang ran over from a distance and saw that it not only had a round body, but also short legs that were too short to be noticed. The cuteness level was 10,000 points!

But even if the legs are too short to reach, Wang Wang’s running strength is still very strong, so it has been running and running…

Suddenly it found a small step on the curb, Wang Wang paused for a moment, and he was ready to go down the steps with small legs.

Who knows whether it slipped accidentally, and then the front leg slips straight down! (How is it so lovely to slip?)

I did not expect that although the front leg went down the stairs smoothly, the result was that the hind legs could not get off. After all, the legs were really too short! (I have to emphasize that several times!)

As a result, WangWang began to struggle desperately and kept shaking his feet. However, this entire process was photographed. Afterwards, it was also shared with fan page YAN Pets, attracting 1.5 million visitors. Watching the video makes amused netizens laughed out loud.

WangWang said: “You don’t laugh, please come to save me…”

Let’s take a look at this video together!


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