Man asks for Wi-Fi password at a coffee shop and the server tells him “buy a drink first”. What happens next is totally hilarious!


It is relatively easy to find cafes that provide free Wi-Fi these days but it seems to be the opposite in Africa.

This funny skit shows what it feels like when you walk into a coffee shop hoping to get free Wi-Fi in the country.

The video begins with a man who has been looking for free internet walks into a coffee shop

He then approached the server to ask for the Wi-Fi password. Unfortunately, the server replied: “Buy a drink first.”

So the man went on to buy a drink and sat at a table. He was hoping to ask the server for the password again after he drank his drink

Unfortunately, the server had already finished her shift. He then asked the new server for the password.

To his dismay, he received the same reply from the new server. “Buy a drink first,” the server said to him

Hearing the reply, the man became annoyed. “I was drinking here and you are still telling me to buy a drink first!”

What happened next is totally hilarious!

Watch what happened when the server gave the same reply to the man in this short skit here


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