This 5-year-old girl refuses to eat meat for good and her reasons are unexpectedly adorable


This five-year-old tells her mother that she will no longer eat meat and she gives the best explanation for her decision to go vegetarian.

In this adorable video, the little girl named Zada is captured with teary eyes as she tells her mother that she no longer wants to eat meat.

“I will eat whatever there is on the table, but not chicken or meat.”

When asked why she refuses to eat meat, Zada explains that she loves animals so much that she does not think that they want to be cooked and eaten.

“I think they don’t really like being cooked in the oven.”

Zada’s mom continues to question her decision that the family will miss eating meat but Zada remains unswayed as she replies to her mom that she will not miss eating meat.

Even though she thinks fish are not animals, Zada says that she will not eat them as well.

Watch this little girl explains to her mother why she does not want to eat meat anymore in this cute video here


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