Amazing rustic dinner table made of wooden planks and old tools


This video of a man making a rustic table shows us how he crafted a stunning masterpiece from scratch.

Epoxy is applied to stick the pieces of wood together

First, he saw four rectangular pieces of wood which will act as the top of the table and glued them together with strong adhesive. After the adhesive sets, he cuts a rectangular hole at the middle then polishes and brushed the sides of the newly cut hole with black paint.

The table is sanded to give it a smooth finishing

Since it is a table, we cannot have a wide gaping hole in the middle so he decided to seal it with a piece of thin metal. He drilled holes on the metal edges and applied glue on the edge of the hole. Then he glued the metal piece onto the table thus covering the hole. Screws were used to fasten the metal sheet onto the table.

The hole is filled with rusting old tools.

He then brought out some old rusting tools and put them into the hole in the middle. After filling the hole with old rustic tools he filled the gaping hole with epoxy thus submerging the tools.

Finally, he stained the wood to give it a rustic feel. After the paint dried, viola, a handmade rustic looking table is finished.

Watch the video below to see the whole process.

Video Credit: Hassan Abu-Izmero HABU


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