Adorable child became the limelight of the show with his first traditional cultural dance moves


Martina Desjarlais was a staunch believer in her Canadian native heritage and is raising her children to believe in the pride of their culture as well. She did not waste time at all. She taught then traditional songs and dance moves.

Clearly, Albert was born to become a star and it was shown once during an assembly in Camrose, Alberta, Canada recently.

Source: Facebook

Before Albert’s first debut, his mother had him practicing in a closed environment and in a matter of seconds, he mastered the moves and trembled to the very best. He observed first and after a few minutes he seems to have learnt the basics of the dance.

After he has learnt the movements, it was time to choose the perfect traditional dress.

Albert was finally ready for his debut! Everyone were mesmerized by Albert’s dance. His beautiful moves and his dedication to the dance routine caught everyone’s attention.

It is a great sign to see a mother believing in traditional culture. It was an even greater sign that mother taught her next generation to believe in their roots.

Check out the movements of Albert in the video below and do not forget to share!


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