This is what happened when they left a huge Pit Bull to babysit children-they are gentle giant


A very affectionate Pit Bull named Hulk is changing the minds of many people who dislikes this breed. This incredibly big dog is huge but it is tender towards his family and loves them very much.

Pit bulls have a bad reputation for being violent dogs. Some cities even banned the dog or similar breeds to be kept as pets at home. But these dogs are not violent in nature. They are sweet and affectionate dogs with huge smiles. The reason they are violent is because they were trained to be violent.

Hulking over his little owner

They used to be nanny dogs. When you see how hulk acts in this video, your point of view towards this breed of dog will change. This dog is capable of taking care of a baby and it also give the baby lots of kisses. On top of that, the dog also sings for the baby!

Hulk having some quality time with his family

Watch the video below and you will find that pit bulls are also the same as other dogs, full of love and affection.

Guess what happened when this pit bull was left to babysit

Lovely! What a good boy! Hulk is clearly an important part of the family. These children will always remember the love and friendship that it gave them as they grow up! Every children should have a faithful companion!


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