Baby bursts into tears after seeing her dad without a beard and it is hilarious


Seven-month-old Anistyn Claire from San Antonio, Texas had always seen her father with a beard.

So, when her father decided to shave the facial hair, the baby had a hard time to recognise him as captured in a hilarious video.

The video shows Anistyn playing peekaboo with her father before he shaved and laughing delightfully as he peeks out from behind the blanket

Her father plays the same game with the baby after shaving off his beard completely and the cute little girl fails to recognise her father!

The baby stares at her clean-shaven father before dropping her eyes and trying to avert his gaze.

The little girl seems to refuse to meet his eyes even when her father holds her closer for a cuddle

As the father tries hard to console his daughter, little Anistyn bursts into tears. Meanwhile, the mother who is behind the camera is heard saying: “Daddy probably wants to cry about it too!”

The father named JC Marshall decided to get rid of his beard for a job interview but it seems like Anistyn did not approve of it

Marshall said that Anistyn loved pulling his beard when they were cuddling so it explained why she was frustrated when her father shaved the beard completely.

Watch this heartwarming moment when baby Anistyn bursts into tears after failing to recognise her father 


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