The world’s biggest and fastest swing will let you swing at 120 km per hour


If you miss playing on a swing and are also an adrenaline junkie, this big swing at Queenstown, New Zealand might be what you have been looking for.

The Nevis Swing which is also known as the Nevis Arc is one of the world’s biggest swings and it offers anything but ordinary.

Measuring a whopping 120 meters, this swing will send you in and out on a 300-meter arc.

It is completely a whole new level of excitement for all daredevils out there who love seeking thrilling experience

This swing will let you hang at an incredibly terrifying height before you are dropped at an unbelievable speed and swing across the rocky cliff

You can also decide whether to let the crew release you or do the honour yourself. If the prospect of hanging high up in the sky does not frighten you, you can also opt to swing in an upside-down position!

This swing is really made for true daredevils and if you are one of them, why not try swinging on the fastest and biggest swing the world has ever seen

Watch this video here and see for yourself the world’s famous swing in action 


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