This chicken plays the national anthem on the keyboard during ‘America’s Got Talent’ audition and everyone is speechless


Have you ever thought that a chicken can play a keyboard? Well, this talented hen proves that chickens are more talented than you think they are.

Meet 19-month-old Jokgu who stunned the whole crowd and the judges at the stage of “America’s Got Talent”.

In a baffling move by her handlers, they brought the chicken on stage and later announced that Jokgu was going to perform the patriotic tune on the keyboard

The judges were not impressed with the chicken when it appeared to be lost in front of the keyboard while the crowd started to boo it

Suddenly, something unbelievable and utterly ridiculous happened right on the stage.

The chicken started to play “Star Spangled Banner” on the keyboard and it was enough to silence the crowd

Needless to say, Jokgu’s keyboard skills had won her hearts of millions of people and put many people to shame 

Jokgu’s handlers said that she picked up the keyboard skills very quickly and had no doubt that the chicken was quite intelligent

Nevertheless, her skills had earned her four yesses from the judges and the spot in the next round!

Watch this talented and patriotic chicken plays the national anthem on the keyboard here


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