This toddler saw his twin sister fell and scraped her knee. Seconds later, he did this adorable gesture to soothe her


There are tons of videos out there that can fill your heart with emotions but this video will specifically touch your heart and make you go “Awww” at the sight of it.

These twins, Levi and Aleksi were out in the yard playing together when Aleksi fell down and scraped her knee.

When the little girl bent down to check on her knee, her twin brother dropped his toy and came closer to check it out himself

Levi then bent down and pursed his adorable lips to kiss his sister’s scraped knee in an attempt to make her feel better 

The cute clip immediately went viral on the internet as soon as it hits the web. The twins’ video even made it to Ellen DeGeneres’s talk show!

Levi may be very young but he is surely set to be a great brother to his twin Aleksi

His action is a gentle reminder that love goes a long way in life.

Watch the adorable moment Levi tries to make his injured sister’s feel better here


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