Teen with Down syndrome steals millions of hearts for his pure joy over graduating high school


Graduation day was the most exciting day for this high school student and this teenage boy could not express his joy better than skipping across the stage in excitement.

A heartwarming video of Carlos Neria, a teenage boy from Midland, Texas who has Down syndrome hopping, skipping, and jumping in pure joy over graduating from high school has stolen millions of hearts around the world.

Neria, 19, could not help but to flash a huge grin on his face and greeted each of his teachers with a friendly shake and a warm hug

One of the faculty members was even seen jumping along with him 

The video of Neria’s happy moment was later uploaded on Facebook by Midland Independent School District with a caption: “One of the greatest things about being part of graduation is celebrating the accomplishments of our students!

“We wanted to share a video with you of a very special graduate, Carlos Neria, who danced across the stage with the greatest joy and enthusiasm as he received his high school diploma!

“We are so proud of you Carlos and proud of all of our 2018 graduates!”

Also known as Mr Joyous, Neria was not shy to show to the crowd that he was over the moon to collect his high school diploma

Watch the beautiful moment Neria came on the stage and happily collected his diploma here


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