This amazing machine lets strawberry pickers pick strawberries while lying down


Being a strawberry farmer can have its downside — the strain of constantly bending over to pick strawberries can gradually take a toll on one’s back.

Thankfully, there is a machine to help relieve the tired backs of workers while making sure all the strawberries get picked on time.

Workers at strawberry farms can now lie down while picking strawberries by using a hands-free machine that definitely eases their back pain

The workers lie facedown on the machine with their heads, stomachs, and legs resting on the adjustable pads and the machine will slowly carry them over the rows of strawberries

This hands-free approach is seen as an innovative and effective way for strawberry pickers to do their work

Interestingly, this machine can also be used to harvest other crops like asparagus and beans

Watch the video here to see how the machine helps strawberry pickers to harvest strawberries 


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