This eye-opening video compilation reveals why it is dangerous to text while walking


Many people are aware of the danger of using the phone while driving but not many are aware of the same danger could be applied to checking the phones while walking. 

This epic compilation of videos of people walking while texting or checking their phones will make you ponder for a while if it is worthwhile to be distracted in public for the sake of replying to a text.

This lady has her eyes glued to her phone while walking that she accidentally bumped into a person

However, that does not just end there

This man is not aware that there is a pool in the middle of the pavement 

This stranger falls down the stairs for being completely focused on his phone but is it worth it?

While these people do not experience many repercussions of their action, this woman, unfortunately, does not have the luck on her side as she gets into a serious accident for texting while walking

The police are then called to rescue her 

Hence, do not check or text while walking in the public or you might risk getting an injury. Even more crucial, please avoid checking your phone when you are driving. It is incredibly dangerous to take your eyes off the road even for a second.

Watch this video to find out more about what will happen if you text while walking and driving


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