These animals love hugging and cuddling as much as humans and it is adorable


Who does not love a warm and friendly hug? Apparently, cuddling is not just limited to humans as animals, too, love a hug.

And it is not just dogs and cats who love to be cuddled by their owners. This heartwarming video will show you that everyone loves an occasional cuddle sometimes.

From the goose who runs wild when its owner opens her arms for a warm hug to the monkey who cannot get enough of kisses from the little visitor, this video is enough to melt your heart

Like this horse who rubs its lips against its owner’s nose

Or this adorable donkey who loves cuddling more than everything

This antler just love the relaxing time it can spend with its owner

This dog loves to stroke its owner’s head gently while he is asleep

But nothing can beat this baby elephant’s excitement when it can get a hug from the visitor

Watch the full video of these adorable animals here


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